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If you wish to add, remove, or accept a story, leave a comment.

Likewise, if are looking for a story to work with and none of these appeal to you. Send me a note and I will find something that fits your tastes a little better.

By: :iconrobertenders:

Writer looking for artist, and possibly other writers.

Core and Coalition
There have been fantasy allegories of World War 2, but no sci-fi allegories that I’m aware of. I decided to fix that with “Core and Coalition”, a space opera that spans the entire Milky Way galaxy and beyond.

The interstellar nations of Cygnus and Scorpius form the Core Alliance and start taking control of planets away from their neighbors. Cygnus and the so-called Association of Democratic Worlds sign a non-aggression pact. Magellenica tries to stay out of the war but issues an embargo against the Core Alliance. Greater Albornoria stands alone in the struggle against the Core.

There are a lot of possible storylines about soldiers, starfighter pilots, starship crews, resistance cells, and even love stories if you’re into that sort of thing.

Writer looking for artist:

By: JJ Robinson Aka :iconbucketbabycorp:

1. “It’s the end of the world as we know it......and I feel fine.”

The last person on the planet is about to turn off the lights and leave. On his deathbed an aged Michael Struthers tries to recount the events that led him here. But there are so many things not right with his memory. He can recall as a 19 year old how it started but not why. How the unknown killer with a 100% fatality rate was spreading across the globe but without anyone knowing its origin.
He remembers watching it unfold before him in a shop store front before being introduced to a speeding cars windshield. It was that accident that could yet prove to be Man’s salvation......but so many questions. Some asked, some answered but most ignored. (... I GUESS THAT’S THE THING WITH HEAD TRAUMA---THE MIND GIVES YOU JUST ENOUGH TO GET BY.)

Why did he wake up in hospital alone? Where had every living thing on the planet gone? Why him?

2. Lillian the Conqueror.

It’s the night of the live final of “THE WORLD’S GOT X-APPEAL”. In her dressing room we find the finalist and bookies’ favourite Lillian Doyle, the hirsute, strange-looking lass from the Glens, as she relates her story to the dressing-table mirror. This is the tale of an incredible heart-warming journey; from oddball, cat-loving, mono-browed outsider, to becoming the darling of a nation. A national treasure who now finds herself knocking on the door of world domination.......literally!

Lillian Doyle is an alien, sent to earth to pave the way for an all-out invasion. Armed with the voice of an angel and with the merest touch, the ability to read minds, she now has the World’s darkest and most valuable secrets locked away in her curl-covered cranium.
It appears nothing now can stop her - unless an unlikely hero can be found at the eleventh hour.
Step into the light one “Darwin Scowl”; perma-tanned, high waistband-wearing media Svengali, judge and creator of the show. The world’s favourite TV villain may about to become its greatest hero.

3. second chance

if you had super powers and could fly wouldn't you save the world from it's self and the company that secretly runs this mud ball ???
Alan chance would....but not before he's flown around the world....visited places...partied hard in Ibiza....and watched the FA CUP final at Wembley from the best seat in the house....ON THE ROOF!!!

yeah Alan's all about the saving the world and stuff.....just as soon as he's finished a pint with his mates down the pub.....and then maybe a curry on the way home.....and then maybe watching a DVD...then the world is so gonna get it...eerrmm...providing he hasn't got a hangover!!!

this tale and "the Grimaldi" will form the first issue of the mini series I have planned to showcase these characters and their universe that will then hopefully see them splitting off in to their own tittles.

4. The Grimaldi

Did you hear the one about the comedian who comes home from a gig to find a Gothic looking girl sitting on his bed stroking his pussy??
Yeah…Turns out she's killed his landlady and wants his brain for her employers arcane super computer in order that they can locate and eliminate a flying man that may just be the saviour of all existence…I know right!!

Apparently she says…..he’s no comedian, he’s the Grand Magus who’s been hiding under a rock for over 20 years trying to not get noticed…a stand up comedian who doesn’t want to be noticed!!!…can she hear herself???

But there’s no dissuading her and she takes what she came for…except that’s not quite accurate…

what she has acquired is the brain of a cat…whose body is now inhabited by the brain of its owner…Lee Hicks...comedian…magician…man of mystery.
A flying man, a mystery company with delusions of grandeur and a mouthy female Goth assassin...the board is set, the pieces are in play and he’s back in the game...just as soon as he finishes licking his cat genitalia.

By :iconwriter4commissions:

It will take place in my Super Inc. scenario which can be read about here:


It's a futuristic Earth (the time is never determined, so it will always be an alternative future to us) where vigilantes are outlawed and superheroes must be licensed by the government.

Simon Deathtrap is a boss of the most lethal and feared crime syndicate in Capitol City (a city that covers the entire east coast of what used to be the United States of America, now gone). The crime syndicate is also a cult known as the Saints of Death. They worship Death as a living and breathing force in the world.


Micah Macabre is Simon's right hand man and most illusive goons, sadistic. He dresses in a cowboy attire, speaks in a staged western accent, and finds the suffering of others humorous. He only moves according to Deathtrap's say so.



Simon Deathtrap's has two brothers (it used to be one but I've been changing it recently). One is a prominent businessman and the other is a prominent politician. They are the reason Simon's cult has been so successful in evading arrests and crackdowns in Capitol City.

In this comic, I am thinking of having the politician and businessmen brothers take their very proper dates to a masquerade ball in a limo. When they get their, the dates think it's an innocent socialite party. After seeing Simon Deathtrap, however, they recognize him from the news. The women instantly think that something is wrong. From there, they eventually get the brothers to admit that they are at an underground mobsters party for the Saints of Death cult. Hi

By: :iconrestinmotion:

1. Lemonworld centers around four treasure hunters; Smith, a marksman who uses a bow and arrow, Holland, a swordsman who uses a unique quick draw style, Miranda, a former gangster, and Lupin, one of the few remaining magicians left in the galaxy. The story follows their adventures as they search for an ancient treasure rumored to be on the planet known as Noro.…

By: :iconagramuglia:

1. Catherine Mitchell hates sad endings to her books. Every time she reads a story with a bleak finale, she throws it against the wall. However, after figuring out a way to put herself into the story, she decides to use her knowledge of the ending to save her favorite characters, and give everyone their happily ever after. She makes a hit list of the five darkest books she owns, and decides to go out to make sure no one dies in Hamlet, to see Quasimodo find happiness, to save Arthur from Mordred, to keep Eve from eating the fruit, and to keep Cthulhu from rising from R'lyeh. Of course, she has no idea what these changes will do to their universes, and, soon, she finds herself dragging the tragedy from her books into reality...

2. Ever since he was a child, Yelchin has wanted to take over the world. He's had plans, yes, but now he has a foolproof way to dominate humanity: by tricking them into thinking he's their savior. While creating calculated catastrophes that only he can fix, genius Bartholomew Quinn starts to unravel the extents of Yelchin's plots, and seeks to not only stop him, but also prevent his plan from unraveling beyond eve his control.

3. Melissa Gabranth is able to sense and control aura. She can see spirits, ghosts, and demons, and can even harness their powers on her own. However, when she meets Malcolm, a teen with similar abilities, it becomes clear that just because ordinary people can't see aura doesn't mean they can't be drastically affected or twisted by them. Malcolm seeks to control the hearts of everyone in his school, and only Melissa can stop him.

4. Leia is an elf who has been asleep for centuries. After being awakened by Zoey, a chubby, lazy girl, she wants to make up for lost time by going on an adventure! The only problem is that it's the twenty-first century, and there are no dark knights or evil wizards left to fight. So Leia, determined to have an adventure with the girl she is forced to live with, decides to MAKE a reason to go on a quest. Will Zoey be driven crazy before Leia is satisfied? (might be ongoing if popular enough)

5. Gabby is not very happy with her life. She's not very pretty, rather dorky, and pretty out of shape, she's bullied and dismissed by all the people at her school. She learns of a way to alter reality, and uses it to make her loved. However, she quickly alters reality so much that nothing is like her old way of living. Will Gabby screw up reality so much that it's unrecognizable, or will regain some control of the universe?
More Journal Entries










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Also- do you guys need help promoting the website or anything?
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Hey guys- just letting you know about a completed comic I have that you might also want to host on your site.

The comic is one of the four comics that will be in my The Aghoriverse Presents... Super Inc. Villain's Edition.

I am the writer and Eemil Friman's the artist.


The comic is also appearing in Surreal Grotesque Magazine, Issue Zero.
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